Currently I am……

Currently I’m excited about my upcoming retirement!

Currently I’m worried that this flu season will be a harsh one!

Currently I’m reading my student’s blogs….but I just finished reading a GREAT book entitled “Heaven is For Real!”

Currently I’m creating the answers to this blog topic!

Currently I’m loving this fall weather!

Currently I’m hating the thought that I have to pay bills!

Currently I’m wondering about….not sure I’m wondering “about” anything right now!

Currently I’m craving the good food that I’ll be eating for dinner tonight!

Currently I’m listening to the birds chirp on this very early, beautiful  morning.

Currently I’m watching the monitor portion of my laptop as I type these words!

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And a blogging we will go. . .

to_blog_or_not_to_blogBlogging?  For many of us in the Multi-tech class this word was something not familiar at all.  But after several days of discussion, we now know that a BLOG is the contraction of the two words “WEB “and “LOG” (BLOG) which basically means that it is a website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts.  It’s kind of like a television news commentary or newspaper article, but instead this is online and others can comment on what you write.  Sound crazy?  Well, not in today’s world!  A blog is just another example of the many web 2.0 tools out there for all of us to make use of today.  Web 2.0 applications have certainly put a whole new dimension on communicating with the world and in learning.  Blogging, so it seems, has become as popular as e-mail.  With so many people out there blogging today, I become concerned with how appropriate posts and responses may be.  Many people share their blogs openly to the public – they are not private.  Is this a good thing?  I don’t believe it’s bad at all as long as people are responsible about what they write and realize that a younger crowd may be viewing the content as well.  But do all people realize this or even care?  Some people write blogs that are extremely biased.  Should this bother me?  After all, everyone has a right to his or her opinion.  What about those people who blog very controversial issues?  Do they do this to just to get under people skin and cause arguments?  Those really bother me at times!  But then again, what about the 1st Amendment?  (now class – if you don’t know what the 1st amendment is, Google it now!).  Are some people taking the 1st amendment too far now in our online world?  Are these people really being responsible?  Should I care so much??

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